What’s a WordPress Security Audit? WordPress security audit is a method of testing your blog for indications of a possible security threat. By doing so, you can do a basic WordPress security test to look for suspicious behavior, suspicious codes, or unusual server activity. There are many reasons why you should take advantage of WordPress […]

Website maintenance is a regular process that ensures that your website works properly, by fixing bugs, detecting issues, and performing scheduled maintenance tasks. This includes both the technical aspects and the business management aspects of your site maintenance, including monitoring and updating of websites. As well as being an important part of the overall web

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There are many websites that claim to have an affordable web hosting package but the reality is that most of them are only offering a fraction of the value that you are looking for. Finding affordable web hosting packages can be difficult and you need to be extremely careful. An affordable web host is not

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Many consumers today prefer cheap-ish web hosting because they prefer affordable web design packages. When choosing an affordable web host, one has to remember that the most important thing is that the service is affordable and does not sacrifice quality or performance. The majority of web sites have a basic design that is easy to

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