How to Choose a WordPress Plugin Developer

If you have decided to outsource a WordPress plugin then you will need to find a suitable keyword phrase that describes exactly what you are hoping to achieve. “Bookmarking”. Or “Search engine optimization”. Use these keywords as starting point when sourcing a WordPress developer through Upwork. Once you have found a developer with the required skills you can contact them and start the job

wordpress plugin developer

Once you have a keyword phrase that you need for your WordPress developer job post, write a job description. This is going to describe the function or functionality of the plugin in easy to understand language. You will want to specify how long the job will take and what you require from the developer. For instance, you might state that you require a HTML proofreading function. This will ensure that the final product meets your exact requirements.

After writing the job description, you should shortlist all the WordPress plugin developers that you find fit for the task. You should look at their existing plugins and see whether they provide the functionality you require. If you cannot determine the functionality from the current list of WordPress plugins, then you should move on to those developers that are offering add-ons or those developers that have recently released their latest plugins. You can also use the previous version in your judgment. If a recent release does not contain the functionality you want, then search elsewhere.

Next you need to check the source code. For those developers that offer source code, you will be able to see the PHP source code and for those developers who do not offer any source code, you will not. You should note that some developers tend to write their own source code and some others outsource it. While this is no big issue, ensure that you understand what your plugin does, exactly? Your plugin should add functionality, but in the right way.

Some of the common areas of concern include security, global paths, debugging and testing. You need to test the plugin for its compatibility with your operating system and also for its performance. While there are some free testing tools available, you should opt for paid tools as they will provide a comprehensive report of the errors. If you find that any errors occur when your latest version of WordPress loads, then this can indicate an incompatibility problem. If your latest version of WordPress includes security measures, then you should ensure that it is working properly in order to avoid any security issues.

Another area of concern is hook injection. You must ensure that your WordPress plugins can be seamlessly integrated with the existing platform. There are different ways to integrate your plugins with your platform and it should be mentioned in the instructions provided by the plugin development company. In addition to hook injection, it is necessary for your plugins to have ‘secure’ access rules so that your users have the ability to browse through secured pages.

Most of the times WordPress developers claim that the reason behind a delay in release of WordPress is not related to the functionality or coding issues, but rather to lack of testing or integration with the platform. While functionality is one of the most important factors, it is also necessary for the platform to support various plugins in order to allow for maximum functionality. Therefore, if your plugin provides functionality such as WP-OAuth, it will require PHP programming along with configuration in order to function properly.

It is also important that your plugin can support all major browsers, including Internet Explorer and Firefox. It is recommended that your plugin should use global paths for both files and URLs. This will ensure that your code remains safe from security vulnerabilities. Your WordPress plugin should also be tested using different platforms, such as Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris and freebsd. There are many more options available as well to customize your plugin, but these are the most important factors to consider when you choose a WordPress developer to write your code.