How to Perform a Joomla Security Audit

A Joomla Security Audit determines the overall condition of your Joomla system. This can help you detect any potential threat to your website and offer preventive measures. The term “security audit” is used in several contexts, including Internet security, e-commerce security and network security. A reliable Joomla Security Audit can identify security weaknesses and flaws in Joomla.

Another name for security checks is Vulnerability Assessment. In a security audit, a consultant conducts a detailed Vulnerability Assessment and then performs a series of tests to find out if the site has any potential security vulnerabilities. For instance, a Vulnerability Assessment could indicate that Joomla is vulnerable to a security flaw. The next step would be for the Consultant to find out if the site has any security vulnerabilities. If so, the next step would be to fix the security flaw.

A Penetration Testing refers to the evaluation of the security of a Joomla web application. For e.g., a vulnerability assessment conducted on a Joomla shopping cart could result in a successful bypass of authorization. However, a Penetration Test could also show a security vulnerability that allows attackers access to sensitive information on Joomla websites. A successful Penetration Test allows an attacker/virus to access database files, system files and applications where critical data resides. Thus, a Penetration Test is very essential to identify vulnerabilities before a website is released to the public.

Both the Vulnerability Assessment and the Penetration Testing can be performed simultaneously. Both can help you determine whether there are any possible security vulnerability in Joomla or not. It is only after a successful Identification of the vulnerabilities that the Consultant can then decide on the necessary actions to be taken to fix the vulnerability.

The first step to solve a security vulnerability in Joomla is to carry out a manual Security Audit. If a manual security audit is unsuccessful, the next option is to carry out a comprehensive Joomla Security Audit using the help of a security vulnerability scanner. However, if you want to save time and money and do not want to hire a professional Joomla security consultant, it is possible to carry out a manual Security Audit using the Joomla Portable Executives installer. This will help you easily identify the security weaknesses of Joomla. This article describes how to carry out a Joomla Security Audit in a demo version.

Before starting the actual Joomla Security Audit, it is important to identify the vulnerable web application or part of the Joomla web application. The vulnerable component can be identified by browsing to the CPanel of your Joomla site and navigating to the section named “aws-security-audit”. Once the section is displayed, double click on the “View” link which is beneath the section named “Permissions”. You will then see a list of all of the web applications and parts of the application that are listed on your system along with their current permission levels. For this first step, a manual security audit of your entire Joomla system is not required as a part of the procedure.

After the installation of Joomla, the next step is to start a search for known vulnerabilities. The location of the vulnerable Joomla application will be indicated. The next step in the process is to launch a search for known vulnerabilities with the help of the Joomla Portable Executives tool. A list of all known vulnerable Joomla components will be generated and a list of potential weak spots identified. Based on the vulnerability status of the component, the next steps will be carried out in this security audit.

For penetration testing of Joomla, the “penetration test” option is available. It is a simple method of assessing the compatibility of Joomla components with each other and the latest Joomla version. A list of known vulnerable Joomla components is generated and an estimate of the number of vulnerable Joomla components that need to be patched will be provided. After the selection of a suitable scanning software, the next step will be carried out in this Joomla security audit.