Protecting Your WordPress Site With a WordPress Security Audit

Have you heard about a WordPress Security Audit? If not, here’s how it works. In a word, it looks at what is and isn’t working.

Let’s take a look at some ways in which WordPress can be abused to spread malware and other dangerous code. They are things that would never happen if a more cautious system were in place.

For example, suppose that a system was created for software development. However, the developers just used the old classic Windows XP and forgot to test it. Then the malware was released, or so they say.

This may sound far fetched, but you’d be surprised at how much of this happens. Companies just make a system to build products on, without thinking that what they did was an issue. Only when someone looks for malware does the problems surface.

So now we know why WordPress is an important part of many businesses. However, it needs to be secure. This means knowing all of the parts that need attention. The main areas of concern are on your WordPress hosting site, and the contents of your website.

A WordPress Security Audit looks at how all of these areas of your website are being protected from malware. Once a proper antivirus program is installed, there will be no more worries. At the very least, your site will be protected against all of the common threats to your system.

It is a good idea to have this installed as well, because malware that is found on your site can spread rapidly. Things like Trojans and viruses can cause major problems with your site, and if you do not have a good firewall in place, all of your systems can become infected.

Once this has been done, it’s time to perform a virus scan. Using a free virus scanner, you can check out for anything that is harmful. Don’t think that because it’s free that it won’t be able to find the problem, because you will need to pay a fee to download the latest scans from the database.

Scanning should be done regularly. It is the best defense against malware and other viruses. You want to start scanning just before you release a new product to the public.

Run a virus scan at least twice per day, but as often as you can. Use the scans in conjunction with the firewall that you have set up to ensure the best protection. It’s always better to have two levels of protection going simultaneously, rather than one.

Firewalls are there to protect the systems that are running on them. Don’t assume that a firewall is going to be able to protect your system. You need to have something like WordPress installed to stop anything from getting past.

Lastly, don’t rely solely on the WordPress security audit. Always make sure that you are protecting yourself as well.