Responsive Websites

Making a website that is designed to be viewed on many different devices, and responsive websites are the most commonly used, and effective. This type of website can be run on any device, be it the desktop, mobile phones, tablets, or the touch screen devices. Responsive websites help the visitors to get all information on the devices they use to access the site.

When designing a responsive website, certain rules are to be followed. First, the text content should be different on the various device screens. Second, when the content is the same on the different screens, a text for the navigation should be designed with two different ways to navigate, which should not create confusion.

The content of the website should follow certain rules when on the various screens. Text should have a different color on different screen sizes, so that it will blend well. If the text is too much white on the big screen, and the dark color is too much on the small screen, then the text will not blend as well.

Third, the text should be designed with double size in print on different screens. This allows the readers to read the content clearly. Fourth, the navigation between the different screens should be different and clear. For example, the home page should have links to all pages, which allow a clear navigation.

Fifth, the navigation links should be different on the different screens. These links should be linked to the same page on the same screen. Six, the header and footer area of the website should also be designed differently. The headers should be flexible so that it can adapt the web page and mobile phones.

The header should be the main content area and mobile phones should be hidden for the header. The footer area can be left to the mobile phones and the links should be active. Seventh, the title text should be written the same on different screens. The title text on the desktop should be on large font, while on the small devices, the titles can be smaller and clearer.

Eighth, the navigation links should be in two different colors. First, the navigation should be the color of the primary navigation links. Second, the second button should be the color of the secondary links. Ninth, the content should be laid out in the same place on all screens.

Tenth, the content should be consistent in the form of text. Content should have one style of line break. It can also be written with some custom typography to make it clear and precise. It can be easy to read even if some letters of the text are small.

Besides this, there should be different links in the navigation bar, which will let the readers to easily jump to the different pages of the site. The links should be positioned according to the position of the users, so that when one link is clicked, the other should be presented.

Eleventh, the content should be written in the right format. If the reader uses the right format to read the content, the reader will be able to understand the content of the site easily. Twelve, the content can be grouped into paragraphs if necessary.

Thirteenth, the content should be written in a way that can be easily navigated. This should include descriptions, images, and graphics. It should be short and to the point.

Responsive websites are a great way to make your business visible to all the people, and it will increase the traffic to your website. Use the latest technology to bring your business to new heights.