The Differences Between Web Design Agencies and Freelancers

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The Differences Between Web Design Agencies and Freelancers

What is the difference between a web design agency and a web development company? They both do the same type of job, but the former works more on conceptualizing ideas and making them a reality than the latter. Here are some of their key differences.

Web development companies make websites, while web design agencies to create websites from scratch. While a web designer actually handles all the technical applications and functionality of a website, a web design agency makes and designs the visual graphic, objects, and overall layout for the client to interact with. These firms also do testimonials, promotions, advertising, page optimization, and web development. In short, they make websites appear good.

Another key difference between the two is their portfolios. A web design agency usually has a collection of their best work, whereas most agencies have a handful of samples to show prospective clients. A lot of agencies have web portfolios that show actual websites in use, while many web development companies’ portfolios only show concept versions or PowerPoint presentations. A good agency will also have several samples for clients to examine closely.

One thing that many clients fail to realize is that both an agency and a web design company need to be careful about what information they include in their websites. Most web design companies include just the designer’s portfolio in their websites. An agency, however, should also make sure that the client puts in any multimedia, press releases, written material, and photos. The client may want to add audio files or even video clips. A good web design agency takes these requests seriously and uses them to make the client realize just how much they are capable of.

One key differentiating factor between an agency and a web design company is their culture. An agency culture is a set of values and practices that the agency employs in order to serve their clients. Web design companies are usually much smaller and tend to hire freelancers and interns. The agency culture is more like an office environment with a common goal. While both businesses have similar intentions, the fundamental differences between the two arise from their fundamental business models.

The agency culture depends on the client and the type of business they are. An advertising firm may have a different portfolio than a web design agency, because they are looking to increase their client base. The size of a web design company or an advertising agency is not necessarily tied to the size of their portfolio, though it is easy to make assumptions about this based on portfolios alone. It may be that their current client is in need of a revamp but the web design firm already has several other clients that they can take on.

In addition to portfolios, a web design business model may require the completion of several other documents before a final contract is signed. These documents include specifications for the website, budgetary requirements, site navigation schemes and the like. Each of these documents is highly important to the client, who will be largely responsible for making sure that the contract stipulates what they want. If the web design business model is more customized according to a client’s specifications, the final product may end up being much larger than one would expect.

One thing that does remain consistent between web design agencies and freelance web designers is the amount of work that is involved. Freelance workers have to constantly come up with new ways to improve their portfolios and submit their projects for consideration. On the flip side, web design agencies do not always have to redo their old websites. They often have access to ready-made templates from previous projects, which means that the work involved can be completed more quickly and with a higher degree of efficiency.