Web Security Audit – Protection From the Risks of Malicious Website Attacks

While the potential market of online security has exploded, it is important that businesses make a website security audit a part of their overall business security policy. This can help protect them from the risks of an employee or contractor downloading a virus from the internet.

One of the most common virus threats that affect the internet is called Trojan Horse virus. This virus usually infects your computer and tries to fool you into buying a product for example, when it is actually a spyware program. It can then be used by hackers or identity thieves.

Another form of virus is E-mail virus. Unlike Trojan Horse virus, this virus can spread throughout the entire network without permission and steal passwords and other sensitive information.

The next form of virus is Worm virus. This type of virus is actually sent through e-mail and will spread to many PCs on the network before infecting the PC on which it is sent.

Another type of virus is called Trojan that can get on the internet by way of a malicious content or through a link that gets sent from one server to another. In other words, this type of virus infects your PC by a malicious content on the internet.

By way of a website security audit, these risks can be identified and the risk factors are evaluated. After the risks have been identified, a proper course of action can be taken.

If there is human error, then there is also risk of harm coming to the company’s computer network. Sometimes, there may be misunderstanding between employees as to the importance of the system. Even if some actions are taken to ensure the security of the system, there can still be glitches that can cause data loss or theft.

Breach of the security system can also take place. When this occurs, the entire system can get hacked and the company is at risk of losing data such as financial documents, user passwords and personal information.

The company also runs the risk of losing business to competitors. Hackers that are looking for a chance to enter the network can break into the company’s computers and steal all of the company’s information and credit card details.

Websites that are known to contain viruses can also be susceptible to security breaches. It is better that a regular system scan and quality assessment of the site is done by the site administrator.

Some virus scanners can also help detect whether the site is vulnerable to such threats. A website security audit is thus crucial to the success of the business.

It is therefore imperative that you monitor your site’s security and that you identify any changes that need to be made. Once the changes are made, they should be reviewed and then implemented as soon as possible.