What is a Web Designer?

Web designers are responsible for the creative or visual presentation of information on the World Wide Web. It is a growing industry and there are many different job titles within it. Web designers can work for individual companies or as part of a team to create aesthetically pleasing websites for users to access.

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Web designers usually start off creating the initial layout and content management for the website. When this is complete, they will be able to add functionalities such as drop down menus and search boxes to the site. Once these are added, they will either create the entire site from scratch or give the client a pre-designed template to modify.

User Interface or user experience design is a very important aspect of web development. This is where the designer puts together the most logical layout possible for the site using various graphics, images and colors. User interface designers also take into consideration how the layout will appear when the website is viewed full screen. Content management system designers also do a lot of this work as they are responsible for adding, editing and deleting pages of the web application.

Graphic design covers nearly all of the visual aspects of a web page. This is where the designer uses typography, images, photos, video and interactivity to present information to viewers. The most basic graphic designers work with drawing and text and are called image designers. Those who create 3D graphics will be called digital designers and will have the most knowledge of all of these aspects of web designing.

Web developers are those who write the code that runs the web application. The developers write the HTML or Hypertext Markup Language that is used by web designers and web developers to put information on a web page. Web browsers read the HTML code and produce an output that is displayed on a computer display. All the web designer has to do is choose the right color theory and tools to get the job done.

In order to be a web designer, you must first learn how to use html and CSS codes. These languages are very important to making web pages and without them a web designer will not be able to create a functional layout. There are many websites that offer free tutorials on how to use html and CSS. There are also books available in most book stores and on the internet that teach how to use these two important coding languages.

Another important thing to know about web designers and web developers is that it takes a lot of imagination to make a good website. Many web designers make websites very easily but web developers do a much better job of putting things together. You can always hire a web designer or a coder to help you out with the design. There are many freelance web designers and web developers that can be hired to help out with any project that you have.

For those that are not into designing and creating web pages, there are many visual design professionals that can work as content managers, webmaster, SEO (search engine optimization) experts and many more. Webmasters and SEO experts can work off site and on site to promote your business. Content managers manage the flow of all information for a website. Some webmasters and graphic designers even create corporate logos for your company and make sure that they are licensed to have these symbols on your company materials. You should talk to your local professionals to see what kind of work they are capable of doing and what qualifications they have to do this kind of work.